We never cease to be amazed at some of the numbers out there in our every day world. We so often take things for granted or are outright oblivious to the size of our world until things are brought into perspective when we hear about a number.

To that end, this website was created to shine a light on these numbers.

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850,000 Total number of dams around the world.
(Source:Smithsonian Channel: Dated: Dec 2021)

18,000 Number of asteroids that have been found and being tracked out there, flying around our universe .. with 9,000 of them determined to be large enough to wipe out a city.
(Source:Space's Deepest Secrets - Science Channel: Dated: Nov 2022)

3,000 Number of perfectly good, hi end, luxury cars abandoned each year in Dubai.
(Source:staff writer Khawaja Rahmanudin Sideqi for Quora : Dated: Feb 2021)

23,964 The carrying capacity TEU (20' Equivalent Units) of the newest container ship HMM Algeciras. FEU 11,482 - 40' Equivalent Units. Imagine a ship with 12,000 containers on it.
(Source:The Maritime Post - Worlds Top Container Ships : Dated: Sep 2021)

5,300 Gallons of saliva the average person produces each year.
(Source:The Teeth Blog : Dated: Sep 2021)

444 Number Nuclear Power Plants/Reactors in the world as of 2019
(Source:Smithsonian Channel - Age of Humans: Dated: Apr 2019)

1,021 Number of nuclear bomb tests conducted at the Nevada Test Site between 1951 and 1992. 100 above ground, the rest below ground.
(Source:Smithsonian channel 367 ''Atomic Age Declassified'': Dated: Jun 2019)

33 Number of 'Broken Arrow' incidents in the US since the beginning. 'Broken Arrow' is a term referring to a B52 accident/crash with a nuclear bomb on board. 33 total bombs went down with the B52 carrying them. Some where found. 2 were semi armed and did not explode. With 2, just the neutron triggers exploded as dirty bombs in Spain. 11 are still classified 'Top Secret' with no information available. Yikes!!
(Source:Atomic Age Declassified TV show: Dated: Aug 2021)

5 Millions+ shipping containers are moving across/around the world on any given day.
(Source:History Channel: Dated: Jan 2021)

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