We never cease to be amazed at some of the numbers out there in our every day world. We so often take things for granted or are outright oblivious to the size of our world until things are brought into perspective when we hear about a number.

To that end, this website was created to shine a light on these numbers.

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241 Number of burning coal mines in the United States. 38 are burning in Pennsylvania. Centralia, PA for 50 years since 1962
(Source:Tree Hugger and Grunge websites : Dated: Dec 2022)

7 7.2 million.. Number of data centers in the world. As of 2017, required 416 Terawatts of electricity (3% of 2017 power).
(Source:Statista : Dated: Jan 2021)

509,147 Number of data centers in the world. Enough space to fit 5,955 football fields
(Source:DVL website : Dated: Jun 2011)

3 Percent of all the water in the world that is fresh.
(Source:Bureau of Reclamation : Dated: Oct 2022)

10 Number of sudden infant/sleep related baby deaths every day in the United States.
(Source:Good Morning America Morning News: Dated: Jun 2022)

125,000 Approximate number of abortions per day around the world. Roughly 2-3 abortions every second.
( : Dated: Apr 2022)

430 Number of languages (spoken and signed) in the United States
(Source:Wikipedia : Dated: Apr 2022)

241 Number of abandoned coal mines in the U.S. that are on fire.
(Source:Channel 7 News : Dated: Jan 2022)

850,000 Total number of dams around the world.
(Source:Smithsonian Channel: Dated: Dec 2021)

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