We never cease to be amazed at some of the numbers out there in our every day world. We so often take things for granted or are outright oblivious to the size of our world until things are brought into perspective when we hear about a number.

To that end, this website was created to shine a light on these numbers.

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56,000 Number of bridges in the US marked as deficient.
(Source:Good Morning America via TSA: Dated: Feb 2017)

3,300 Number of deer hits every day on US Highways.
(Source:Good Morning America via NTA: Dated: Feb 2017)

40 Number of deer hit by planes on runways every year in the US
(Source:Good Morning America via TSA: Dated: Feb 2017)

4,145 Number of bombers lost by the 8th Air Force during WWII in action against the German Luftwaffe
(Source:Internet : Dated: Feb 2017)

2,653 Number of handguns confiscated from passenger luggage at 236 U.S. airport screening stations in 2015. 82% were loaded.
(Source:TSA website 2016 : Dated: Jan 2017)

73,000 Number of wild fires in the US every year. 20% caused by weather.
(Source:The Weather Channel TV channel: Dated: Jan 2017)

32,000 Medium income of delinquent US taxpayers in 2016
(Source:IRS, National Taxpayer Advocate, USA Today Jan 27: Dated: Jan 2017)

60 Number of rides per week an Uber driver would have to make to earn $50,000 per year in 2016
(Source:USA Today Jan 27 2017: Dated: Jan 2017)

3,000 Number people in the US that will die of food poisoning each year.
(Source:USDA via channel 7 news.: Dated: Dec 2016)

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