We never cease to be amazed at some of the numbers out there in our every day world. We so often take things for granted or are outright oblivious to the size of our world until things are brought into perspective when we hear about a number.

To that end, this website was created to shine a light on these numbers.

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14 The number of tons, per week, of mild pain management prescriptions for patients leaving doctors and dentists offices around the world (written, filled and purchase) that are never used.
(Source:Pure guess, JT: Dated: Nov 2021)

3,000 Number of people who die of food poisoning each year in the US. CDC estimates that each year roughly 1 in 6 Americans (or 48 million people) gets sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die of foodborne diseases.
(Source:Center for disease control: Dated: May 2021)

250,000 Number of women raped or sexually assaulted world wide each year.
(Source:United Nations statistical report: Dated: Apr 2021)

30,000 Number of speakeasies in New York City during height of US's prohibition era.
(Source:history channel: Dated: Feb 2021)

2,000 Number of people using asthma inhalers every minute world wide.
(Source:Smithsonian Magazine Sept 2020: Dated: Sep 2020)

9 Millions of wild/feral pigs in the United States. Includes many huge domestic pigs which have escaped their pens and turned wild, mating with wild boars. (2020)
(Source:NPR Radio via Adventure Journal : Dated: Sep 2020)

4,295 Number of M4 Sherman Tanks destroyed during WWII. 1636 were suffered by the 37 Independent Tank Battalions, and , 2659 by the 15 armored divisions.
(Source:Steve Zaloga's book Armored Thunderbolt: Dated: Jun 2020)

113 Number of countries around the world, where eating bugs is customary
(Source:CNN news: Dated: May 2020)

2,000 Number of eatable species of bugs around the world
(Source:CNN News: Dated: May 2020)

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