We never cease to be amazed at some of the numbers out there in our every day world. We so often take things for granted or are outright oblivious to the size of our world until things are brought into perspective when we hear about a number.

To that end, this website was created to shine a light on these numbers.

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30,000 Number of speakeasies in New York City during height of US's prohibition era.
(Source:history channel: Dated: Feb 2021)

113 Number of countries around the world, where eating bugs is customary
(Source:CNN news: Dated: May 2020)

2,000 Number of eatable species of bugs around the world
(Source:CNN News: Dated: May 2020)

7,000 Number of genetic disorders known to the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the human genome project. 6000 of them are single gene and others are multifactorial genetic complex disorders
(Source:NIH and 60 Minutes TV Show : Dated: Apr 2020)

200,000 Number pacemakers installed last year in the U.S.
(Source:American College of Cardiology : Dated: Apr 2020)

90,000 Tons of gold mined around the world in all recorded history.
(Source:Saw this in a museum in New Zealand: Dated: Feb 2020)

4,200 Number of guns found in luggage at airport security screening in the US in 2018. 90% were loaded.
(Source:NBC .. Channel 7 evening news: Dated: Feb 2020)

609 Number of allied ships sunk by german u-boats during WW11
(Source:National Geographic: Dated: Jan 2020)

6 Number of women being killed (termed 'femicde') every day (on average) in South Africa. ~75% perpetrators were identified as known partners to the women. 2016 number projected to current year. 6 women per day out of a total of 60 murders a day.
(Source:Africa Check : Dated: Jan 2020)

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